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Wholesale HEAD Watches

In an effort to diversify what is o offer and to allow customers to choose from a wider range of brands in our online catalog you will find the HEAD watches, as well as many other successful brands, at very affordable, advantageous wholesale prices.
HEAD, an emblem brand in the sports sector, leader in the production and sale of sports equipment, recently launched a completely new line dedicated to watches and that is designed both for those who are simply fond of sports, and for those who practice sport professionally.
The new project launched by HEAD was created for two main reasons: to confront the current and competitive world market with its leading giant watch manufacturers and to offer sportsmen and sports enthusiasts the opportunity to have a clock “designed for sport””, high-performance and functional.
Overall, the entire line consists of 10 different models; specifically, there are 5 analogue and 5 digital models.
Depending on need and use, you can choose between digital or analogue models. Digital models have a sporty style and show distinctly sophisticated technology; analog models, while having a much more classic style, which is well suited to all kinds of outfits, are also innovative. Some watches have fine wood inserts, or placed directly in the plots of the respective steel bracelet or directly on the ring of the dial. Digital models, which are suitable for any type of sport, have different, very useful features especially for monitoring workouts: timer, stopwatch, pedometer, altimeter, barometer, and many others.
Whether analog or digital, what unites all HEAD watches is extreme lightness, strength and particularly original design, true to the brand’s strengths.