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Michael Kors, world famous brand is a real fashion icon for its extremely refined style in which sport and luxury mix together in a perfect combination. It produces a wide range of articles, not only clothing and shoes but above all bags, accessories and beutiful watches. The Michael Kors style, expressely devoted to luxury, gives its wrist watches a sense of absolute glamour that achieves a great success for every new collection above all from women. Michael Kors designs and makes watches for men and women to answer the different needs of the lovers of this brand for the materials they use, for their design, colours, sizes and functions. The brand never bores not even with the passing of time , on the contrary it is always able to renew itself every time in an always unique, original and elegant way and always living up to its standards: it is without doubt the emblem of success in the fashion-luxury sector. The Michael Kors watches present a case in different variations of colour, gold, and rose gold; the straps, besides being avalable in different colours are also mad with different materials. The sought-after and successful Michael Kors stopwatch, just to mention but one, is particularly loved and appreciated by women for its captivating line: even if it may seem destined for men for its design, in reality its lines comply perfectly to female wrists. It is possible to buy the beautiful and much pursued Michael Kors watches at interesting and extremely advantagious prices only from our catalogue. In the section dedicated to this brand, after having registered your Company, it will be possible to consult and select all the collections and the respective models of interest with the possibility to buy them at extremely convenient wholesale prices

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