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Wholesale Citizen Watches

Citizen is one of the top three watch manufacturers in Japan and is a well-established company in the history of watches. It is a very prestigious brand specialized in wristwatches equipped with quartz mechanism, therefore automatic, extremely precise.
All Citizen watches have very precise mechanics but what makes the difference compared to other watches on the market is the eco-drive technology. The eco-drive technology allows the watch to run constantly without having to replace the batteries or recharge them.The watch generates its energy through both solar and artificial light and this makes it an accessory with a strong environmental impact. Fundamental to this new type of technology is the power reserve mechanism that allows the watch to run for up to six months, when fully charged, without ever being exposed to light.
The Citizen company, thanks to the development of this new technology, has obtained countless awards worldwide for its contribution to environmental protection. The role played by Citizen watches in the watchmaking scene is that of the innovator. Citizen has always contributed to the development of the world of watchmaking through a constant research and development process that has put the brand in the forefront of various innovations in the field.The reliability of the operating mechanisms combines perfectly with the simple and decisive lines of the models. Citizen watch models are suitable for men and women.
They are essential, refined and perfectly versatile watches. Citizen watches are accessories that embody an elegant and simple design at the same time. They embody a classic, evergreen design that is perfectly present in the contemporary world. Through these features, Citizen watches have made their way onto the international scene as the collections are suitable for everyone: businessmen, sportsmen, casuals and elegant women.