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Wholesale Lorus Watches

The popular brand Lorus was launched for the first time on the market in 1982, by the Seiko Watch Corporation.
The Lorus watch line, basically, is designed with a specific purpose: to create watches at more affordable prices than those of Seiko and Pulsar, without having to give up style, quality and technology. For this reason, Lorus watches do not lack all the innovations in recent years have made the Seiko Group prestigious.
Although watches that can be bought at lower prices compared to the market average of watches, it must be said that they satisfy all tastes and requirements (available in classic version, digital or childrens’ versions).
The collections of Lorus watches are quite different from each other, both in design and price.
For the women’s collection, for example, Lorus offers models in neutral colours and classic styles, perfect for everyday use because they easily match any outfit or jewellery, whether they are gold-coloured or silver. Some models have a leather strap, others a stainless steel strap.
For men, Lorus offers models in the chronograph version (which is particularly sporty), in classical or digital versions. With regards to straps, these are, alternatively, leather with crocodile or steel printing (one or two colors).
For children, Lorus produces watches with dials that facilitate reading of the numbers (available with arabic numerals or digital format). In order to ensure a greater resistance to the straps, the Mother House creates these watches with silicone straps, a material that, for excellence, in addition to being waterproof, lends itself to last longer over the years.
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