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Wholesale Seiko watches

Seiko is a worldwide leader in the watch industry. It designs technical watches that excite the person who wears them creating an extremely gratifying and comforting synergy. The Japanese company has been the symbol of absolute reliability and quality for over a century. It produces watches for both men and women such as stopwatches, automatics, mechanical and sporty. They are all extremely precise and synonymous of great reliability. The Seiko watch collection is particularly abundant with models because the company wants to provide a wide choice to choose from to all of its brand lovers. Seiko is able to do this without ever letting them down. Seiko watches are durable and have a unique design. Seiko 5 is a luxurious and very robust watch even if it’s really lightweight on the wrist. Seiko “Sportura” is specifically designed and intended for sport enthusiasts, for those who are really passionate about sports. For several years now, while designing its watches, Seiko placed particular attention to environmental issues. Seiko created a whole collection of watches that are entirely environmentally friendly. These are the Seiko Solar, in other words, watches that do not require a battery change because they recharge exclusively with solar energy. This limits pollution through battery disposal. While the Seiko Kinetic are equipped with a special technology that allow recharging the watch through wrist movement creating the necessary energy for the functionality of the watch without the need to replace the battery periodically. By registering your company, you will be able view the watches (and their respective prices) displayed on our website and choose amongst the many Seiko models, the most interesting ones or the most requested by clients. You will then be able to buy them at specially discounted wholesale prices.