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Wholesale Nautica watches

The popular brand Nautica, which was created in 1983 in the United States by David Chu, is characterised by a distinctly American style and its use of high quality materials, combined with the high quality of materials and continuous care to detail have helped make the brand an important point of reference in fashion.
The brand essentially caters to men and women who love sport in general, and in particular, sea and adventure.
All Nautica watches are of high precision and quality; even after many years away from the foundation of the brand, the clocks continue to renew itself in small details, without ever tiring.
The big giant Timex that undoubtedly represents, a huge pillar in the watch industry worldwide, is a distributor of Nautica watches.
The passion for the sea is what animates the brand Nautica, becoming its essence. Although Nautica watches are accessories that are well-suited for all occasions, they are, however, perfect especially if worn during a trip to the beach, in the mountains, in the woods, or more generally in nature.
They are watches specifically designed for a male audience, given the significant dimensions of the case, the solidity and robustness.
Nautica watches, entirely from Italian design, are equipped with quartz movement and are available, at your choice, both automatic and chronographs; both cases are water-resistant up to a maximum of 200 m (it depends on the particular model).
The company Italjapan, among the greatest wholesale watches, with its searchable online catalog, offers many models brand Nautica, you’ll be spoiled for choice.
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